Why does my computer only connect to google?

Answer If you installed Google toolbars, try removing it. There may be a hangup in the software.

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Why is google displaying warning message of visiting this web site may harm your computer - only recently?

GLITCHI just checked, it seems to be fixed, for now anyway. 9:27 am CST

Why does google chrome only have 1 ad blocker available?

Because Google make most of the ads you see on the internet :L

My google earth does not show roads only a cloudy image?

It's due to the focal length. If you think that the satellite orbits at a constant height and the lense setting is constant.So there fore when it passes over certain ground you get a perfect image.... Read More »

3.5mm jack audio from computer to speaker problem. Why does it only cause a problem for my computer?

Move/shake the wire around whilst connected, if it makes a difference in the sound then you need to replace to cable. If it's not the cable, replace the sound card in your computer.Failing this, I'... Read More »