Why does my disc drive play copy cd's but not real ones?

Answer That sounds odd. Is it possible that your PC is asking you a question once you put the CD in the drive? My guess is that the Windows Media Player would start playing the disk even if it's asking ... Read More »

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How can i copy video from a disc to another disc...(like burn )?

Nero is a great bit of software for doing that. Another way could be Copy content to folder on desktop then put black CD in drive and simply copy the content to blank disc. Windows xp has a simple ... Read More »

Is it legal to drive a car which is taxed but does not display a current tax disc?

It only takes them a second to check online these days when/if they pull you over. I'm sure you'd be fine if you explained your situation. Provided anyone actually pulled you over. They don't physi... Read More »

Tax disc:can u drive the car NOW, having applied for a tax disc online as it wont arrive for a further 5 days?

No you cant drive your car weather you've back dated it not, anyway I think you would be taking a big chance if you drove your car because it says that the disc must to be displayed on the car and... Read More »

What is best to store data 1)floppy disc 2)cd 3)pen drive 4)hard disc 5) any thing else?

I would have said CD 5 years ago but DVD would have to be my choice today.CD- 700 MBDVD-8gb+Soon may be Blue Ray. 25GB+