Why does my ip address keep on changing?

Answer everyones does but only a little bit.. as you said just the last numbers.. the site is stupidplz help…

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Changing ip address HELP !!?

Turn your router off overnight.If you are lucky, it will be allocated a new IP when you reboot it.If not, you just have to accept the consequences of your actions - or change ISPs..

Changing email address?

You will have to create a new address, then you will have to notify your contacts of the new address.

How do i keep my Email address when changing PC?

Hi Stephen,What's been said is true; there is no need to change your email address when changing computers. Before disposing of your old computer, I would destroy the data you've stored on there (a... Read More »

Changing Email Address.?

I probably can't help directly, but to help the community please post what computer Operating System you are running and what Email client software you use (e.g. Microsoft Windows Live). If you are... Read More »