Why does my laptop keep losing its internet connection at random moments?

Answer It has to be the evil machinations of the laptop gremlin monkeys. It is a commonly held belief that said nefarious gremlin monkeys act to sabotage your connection settings when you least want them... Read More »

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Why do i keep losing my connection to the internet?

Internet keeps losing connection?

It could be interference (cordless phone, microwave oven, a neighbor's wireless computer or router). If the connection is DSL, it could be every time the phone rings. It could be your provider (d... Read More »

I keep losing wifi/Internet connection?

First try to connect to another network, another wifi, maybe at school or a Mcdonals, and check if you laptop has problems in them too, if so, the problem most likely is your laptopIf not, you can ... Read More »

Losing wireless internet connection?

wireless connection always breaks due 2 other things in the house that pass signals through the air,microwaves,cordless phones,u could try getting a repeater 2 make the connection better