Why does my laptop malfunction when left unattended?

Answer Norton is the problem it's always updating & tiring to take over, get Microsoft Security Essentials it will set in that system tray running all the time like a anti virus should when a treat try's ... Read More »

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I left my laptop unattended and now it's not working properly?

System restore will not remove software.It sounds like the software is trying to uninstall itself, and is hogging system resources.I would attack this problem by starting the computer in "Safe Mode... Read More »

What Happens If Rotten Teeth Are Left Unattended?

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Does anyone know why the left hand of my laptop screen is not working?

Reinstall the pad device driver You can reboot with a mouse it will make life easer Learn keyboard commands in the help section alt f will get you there.

Why does my ford mondeo make a noise when i steer to the left?

If it's front wheel drive and the noise goes thump thump thump, it is the CV joint.