Why does my laptop not close down properly if I had it in standby mode?

Answer If this totally worked before, and you've had this computer for years.... may that circuit doesn't work any more. So RIGHT CLICK on your DESKTOP and pick PROPERTIES. Pick the Screen Saver sectio... Read More »

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How do I stop my laptop from going into standby mode every 5 minutes?

Hi Susan,I would suggest you to check if the same issue occurs in Safe Mode also. If no, then I would recommend you to update the video driver on the system from the manufacturer’s website.Also, ... Read More »

Is it safe to put ur laptop on the standby mode for a long duration?

some laptops will just go into hibernate mode once it detects that you are low on battery, even if it is sleeping. i let my mac go to sleep and eventually it will run out of juice. when i plug it b... Read More »

Why does my monitor keep going into standby mode?

Control Panel--> Power Options and you can do the rest yourself, Iam sure.

When closing down my pc it does not display standby mode.?

do your windows updates all them sounds like you got win xp sp2 just do all updates