Why does my mac not change i to I automatically anyone else have this issue?

Answer Only English capitalises i to I... when you're writing in other languages eg Welsh, it's a pain when a computer does this. 'i' in Welsh means 'to' and if you're writing something like "I'm going t... Read More »

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Does anyone else have this problem with their Broadband Can anyone help?

if you are using Wi-Fi in close proximity to a cordless phone or base station that operates at 2.4GHz it will drop the call. you will need to upgrade to a 5.8GHz cordless phone.

I have this issue with finding names for my msn adress, does anyone know a good name?

LOL, i have the SAME problem ! i always end up looking on google for cool email ideas . i guess it depends on what you like. who cares if your friends laugh ! its YOUR email address (=

Fiat Punto, does anyone else have this problem?

Fiat makes Weak lil engines:( what did you expect gobs of torque?

Tumblr won't let me scroll down or customise Does anyone else have this problem?

yes i do think it may be that the site is down for a short period