Why does my old 3gb run faster than my 10gb?

Answer Can be due to the DIFFERENCE IN PROCESSOR CHIP. give the breif discribtion of PROCESSOR , and its manufacturers.

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You insist over and over again that it is impossible to go faster than the speed of light. This is completely and entirely untrue. Tachyons travel faster than light. They also go faster as they exert less and less energy. — K?

I'm afraid that you confuse the hypothetical with the actual. While people have hypothesized about superluminal particles called tachyons, they have never been observed and probably don't exist. Th... Read More »

Why does my 1.1 fiesta not go faster than 125mph?

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Why does my WIFI run faster at night than during the day?

other users from your cable company are using it less, so there is less traffic for your cable company to route. Therefore your traffic gets routed faster. Similar to car traffic. Peak traffic t... Read More »

Why does steam tell me its downloading faster than it is?

Estimates can be quite hours off. Averages do not tell the whole story. Your download speed will fluctuate a lot. Especially during these hours of Christmas sale for Steam. A lot of users are downl... Read More »