Why does my son spend so much time in front of the computer?

Answer he is an addict like me!!!!!! take him for an eye test though

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How can i meddle with other halfs computer so he will spend more time with me?

Pour a drink all over it. And you shouldnt need to have to do that, talk to him, if he doesnt improve give him an ultimatum.

Why do people spend so much time on the computer, is life that dull?

i am stuck in house looking after totally diabled husband 24 /7 . this laptop keeps me sane, i order food,pay utility bills,buy up everything on ebay, play spider solitaire, 'skype' friends and ans... Read More »

Is it harmful to sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time?

it can put you in hospital, if you wife catches you on a x-rated web site, or on a chat room,

How Much Time Should We Spend in the Sun?

There are plenty of skin types so the time required for each skin type can be different but according to the experts the fair complexioned people should not stay in the direct sun for more than 10 ... Read More »