Why does my wifi keep getting cut or says limited access?

Answer How is your signal? Do you have a good signal or very low signal? Restart you router (this usually works for me). If you have a low connection consider moving closer to router or if you are using a... Read More »

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When her I try to go on the Internet with wifi (not mine) it says limited connectivity or access. What do I do?

It means the wifi acount holder has prental controls on meaning dont watch porn on thier wifi cuz they can look what you searched. Basically it means that they are willig to let people outside thie... Read More »

Very odd wifi problem: laptop does not gain internet access on home wifi, but other devices does?

I can't say exactly what your issue is, but here's some ideas to narrow down the problem. Open up command prompt and type ipconfig, and then check what ip you have. If it doesn't show a default gat... Read More »

WiFi. Neighbour using my wifi to access internet?

Allowing your neighbor to use the connection to your ISP without their paying for it is a crime. It is called "theft of services". You can be fined, charged for his usage, and possibly even face ... Read More »

Paypal - Notification of Limited Account Access?

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