Why does the Google search bar come up with such silly suggestions?

Answer Delete it save google to your favourites, I did, it's much better. Search bars are a crock.

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Why does google images come up with pornographic pictures for EVERY SEARCH?

I'm assuming that you have "Safe Search" switched on, as you're so offended by porn?That being the case, then someone else is using your log on details to hunt for porn! Otherwise, you are!Google ... Read More »

How do I get rid of the auto-fill/search suggestions (based on search history) in the google search box?

You press the down arrow and then you press delete. :)And wa-lahh !It's gone.Well, you have to do it for all of them.But it works. :)xo.

Can businesses use free search engines such as Google and Yahoo to gather useful knowledge for?

Yes.Search engines are just a tool that facilitates the finding or resources for which are free to read. Once you have digested any information, the decision you make after this is entirely up to y... Read More »

Why hasn't Google censored search words such as "lemon party", Tub girl" and "two girls one cup"?

I have no idea, haha. Have you seen 'one man one cup?' If you haven't, do it now LOL. I think they're destroying minds, I mean I was disturbed for more than a week when I saw 'two girls one cup', s... Read More »