Why does the computer not come with the maximum possible memory already stored?

Answer because the more memory=more costthus making the computer available for different budgets

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What is the maximum memory capacity of my computer?

Since you did not tell us, we can't know. But you can look up your brand and model at http://www.coastmemory.comGood luck and Happy Computing!

How is signed binary stored in an 8 bit memory?

Correct, -56 is C8 = 1100 1000(as 16 bits it would be FF C8)(Start, Programs, Accessories, Calculator .. enter -56, click to chnage from DEC to HEX)

What kinds of things get stored in read-only memory, as opposed to storing them on the hard drive?

When you first turn on a typical computer, it must run an initial program that sets up the operating system. This initial program has to run even before the computer is able to interact with its ha... Read More »

What is the maximum amount of memory Emachines 5210 can support?