Why does this girl ignore me on facebook?

Answer Listen up girlfriend here comes the truth and it is in this bowl.*points to truth bowl*Truth #1 She's just not that into youTruth #2 Sometimes she just doesn't have th... Read More »

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How to Ignore an Annoying Girl?

Getting along with girls who are compatible with your personality is not challenging; however, coping with a girl who has a quirky and annoying attitude may be so hard to handle that you simply end... Read More »

On Facebook, when you add someone and they ignore what happens?

YOu just answered your own question. When someone has denied your friend request you get to add them again (if they haven't already blocked you) If your friend request is pending then it will say "... Read More »

If you ignore someone's friends request on Facebook does it mean they sub you?

No. If you "ignore" someone's FR on FB, it means you are not accepting their FR. That's it. They are not "subscribed" to you. They are not notified that you did not accept their FR.

How to Reverse Ignore All Requests on Facebook?

If one of your Facebook friends bombards you with constant game, app and invite requests, you may be tempted to use the "Ignore All" function. Once you do, Facebook blocks any future request attemp... Read More »