Why does yahoo and facebook allways require me to sign in on every visit?

Answer Go to your history setting and allow it to save passwords.

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Why does every job I look at require experience?

I know it really sucks. I have this problem too. I guess the reason is, they want to be sure that they're not wasting their time and money, with someone who doesnt' know what they're doing. I th... Read More »

What is the website or program called where you can sign into msn, yahoo, facebook etc?

I know that you can access the instant messengers for those sites on, but I'm not sure about other features. Hope this helps!

My computer is set up that SHIFT 2 gives me the @ sign and not the " sign. Also the Pound sign does not work.?

Start, Control Panel, Regional & Language Options. Select English (UK) everywhere.

How do i retrieve an old yahoo email address, I have btbroadband and cant sign in to my old yahoo email accnt?

My guess is that your using the btyahoo browser to try and access your account. If this is so then don't sign in using their browser; use the ordinary internet browser and then you'll be able to ac... Read More »