Why doesnt my facebook show who i've become friends with?

Answer Well as far as I know there should be a small rectangle on your wall/timeline just below and to the right of your profile picture. If not try going into account settings by clicking the cog on the ... Read More »

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How do i find a friend on facebook who has no mutual friends as me and doesnt live near me?

Type her email or phone number in the search bar.

How does Facebook choose which friends to show on my profile?

Hello,The people in the list are not just random... I think they are some of those whom Facebook has deduced to be important to you in some way... May be talking, may be your mutual friends... some... Read More »

Are the 8 people who show up on your facebook profile as "friends" significant?

I think they are recently contacted, random from a group such as close friends or maybe people who view your profile but its unlikely as that will breach the terms n conditions. Probably at random ... Read More »

Why do anonymous people show up as suggestion for friends on facebook?

unknown people.... not anonymous people. "Anonymous" would mean that the people had no names on their profiles.Anyways....The mutual friend finder takes a lot of stuff into account, such as if the ... Read More »