Why doesnt the wireless card work in my other pc?

Answer how about installing the drivers for the card . do you honestly think it's just insert and that is all you have to do ???

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Wireless doesnt work on startup?

see if you can update your wifi drive in your laptop.Could be a issue with that.Visit the Laptops manufacturer Driver section

Wireless doesnt work on my computer, but does on boyfriends?

From your description the problem is location.Does the laptop work wireless in the same room as the router?Are you sure your boyfriend's computer is working?Did you change the location or position ... Read More »

802.11b wireless card won't pick up 802.11g router. Should I have bought a 802.11g wireless card?

The older 'b' card won't work with a newer 'g' router, although you can often set the router to work on a joint b/g mode (although that will slow things down if there's a slower 'b' unit on the sys... Read More »

My wireless card will not connect to my main XP computer using BT hub but will on other connections?

It won't be the Bt you say all other bits Communicate fine. So, its something wrong with the XP bit. I suggest you get one of those Stand alone "USB Wi-Fi" gadgets from e-bay (£5) and t... Read More »