Why don't IT help people ever read questions properly?

Answer Because many who claim to be experts actually know nothing but use other people's work to pretend they know it all. The only people who may be able to give a useful answer are those with many years... Read More »

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What problems will i get if i dont do a balance sheet properly?

You could find yourself in a situation where your liabilities (what you owe) are greater than your assets and not be aware of it. You would end up going into administration as a result.

Why Dont We All Refuse To Pay Council Tax Until The Whole Thing Is Run Properly?

cause most, if not all of what you have said is nonsense

Why you dont answer my questions Are you not there any more?

All I can suggest is go to Yahoo website and re-install to see if this resolves your problem, sorry perhaps not very helpful but all I can think of

Why do people here caution me not to ask questions for making life decisions Do people here misguide others?

No, but people are generally stupid. So any advice you receive should be weighed against that inherent stupidity