Why dont RW CD discs run on my computer ?

Answer The sad tale of CDRW incompatibility and data loss. I learned very quickly do not trust your data to CDRW. There never was a defined industry standard for CD RW data formats so readability is ent... Read More »

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Computer wont boot, discs dont work?

If safe mode dont work you have hardware issues.. Fact!Restart pc, Keep pressing F5 or F8 (F5 for XP, F8 for vista/7/8)Choose safe mode and when it loads -be patient- hit yes.Goto start menu, Acces... Read More »

Why dont my dvd+ discs work?

ive had same issues with different brands, just the burners have the ones they work with not much you can do with them, sell them to a friend and buy the ones that work, i stick with one brand that... Read More »

Can I use a COMPAQ Recovery Discs on another computer?

if they are identical there is a very good chance that it should work, anyway what have you got to lose?,You can also download fresh window 7 installation iso, burn it to a DVD and use that to inst... Read More »

How can I transfer files from one computer to another with out burning discs?

Without burning CDs?How about a USB memory stick?Or a USB file transfer cable?Or a crossover ethernet cable?