Why dont children under trhe age of 18 dont go to work?

Answer because they are supposed to focus on studying and learning, not earning money. In most states, children can start work at 16 (in special cases, at 14) if it doesn't interfere with their school ti... Read More »

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Where can i get a loan of three thousand pounds from but i dont own my home and i dont work?

Big Dave down the pub will lend you £3k. Don't worry about the repayment, I'm sure he will take it out of you latter.

Hi last night i was car cras and i dont have driving licence and i dont have insurance?

What help do you expect, you acted selfishly, you deserve all that is coming to you. Personally I hope you get banned, that will make the roads safer.

Why dont we get a refund from car insurance companys when we dont make a claim?

well said that person.i know all the sensible answers but it still doesn't seem makes me ill to think of all the money i've paid out for car insurance 10 + years of driving and no claims! i... Read More »

I dont know& dont care what i will be when i get move out & get a job ect is that normal for a 17yearold?

It is normal but you need a goal do yourself a favor and don't end up like me without a license living with my sister and working at walmart