Why don't we make it illegal for Peodofiles to have computers?

Answer Hello,(ANS) Actually that is already quite possible under UK law. Especially were the crime or illegal activity has been computer based. Such as fraud or hacking or data theft, anything that comes ... Read More »

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My pc wont boot up when i turn on i dont have any boot disks and im very new to computers it could be my age?

Make sure you do not have a disk in the CD drive or perhaps the floppy drive.Give more clues to your problem.wdw

Hi last night i was car cras and i dont have driving licence and i dont have insurance?

What help do you expect, you acted selfishly, you deserve all that is coming to you. Personally I hope you get banned, that will make the roads safer.

Is it illegal to have the inside light of a car on whilst driving if not illegal is it unsafe?

My car has a small spot light that shines straight down into the passenger well - i do not even notice its on - (which is why I have ran the battery flat once). Suggest a small map reading light fo... Read More »

Is it illegal to record streaming audio from your computers sound card?

Recording streaming audio is not illegal as long as it is the purpose of archive, review, or education.Stream ripping - capturing a stream for the purpose of rebroadcast, sale, or other use for gai... Read More »