Why has my broadband really slowed down?

Answer This could be due to a plethora problems, here is a short list:-You are downloading or uploading somthing-There are too many computers in the house sownloading or uploading things-Depending on your... Read More »

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My computer has slowed down and hangs since i have been on broadband ,,,why?

This sounds to me like adware running on start up. They are a bit like TSR (terminate and stay resident programs) in that they are resident on startup and run in the background. Anti virus softwa... Read More »

Internet Slowed Down - Aol?

I just did a speed check. Results were:Ping: 47msUpload: 4.66mbpsDownload: 0.34mbps do another one just to see if it's similar... Oh, another one had download 3.34 an... Read More »

Why Has My Computer Slowed?

There are many reasons a computer can slow down with use and all of them are either preventable or fixable. Often the culprit turns out to be a combination of things, but in most cases a little sim... Read More »

Laptop Has Slowed Down?

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