Why has my internet been going off at the same time every night?

Answer The orange light on my Sky modem means it is still receiving information and you have to wait for it to go green, 'phone Sky they work 24 hours a day and they will check your line or reboot if nece... Read More »

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"internet not responding.. internet restarting" - This happens all the time?

Dear BJ., Seriously speaking, if you get the message "internet not responding.. internet restarting" all the time, it's very highly possible that your computer has already been infected by virus... Read More »

Leaving the internet on at night?

I leave mine on. It just makes your computer slower...but it never hurts the computer and I dont think it would make your computer catch fire or something. hah : )

Where might I get a humbug at this time of night?

The cynic would say "From your local politician" the practical would say, from the nearest 24 hour garage, als I am pretty sure Tescos sell them, and the big one is open 24 hrs.I personally prefer... Read More »

What night time job could I do I don't really have any qualifications...?

you can work in old peoples home or night nurse i don't know what the pay is , you should not be worried about qualifications there are lots of jobs out there as long as it is safe for a young gir... Read More »