Why have the desktop icons on my computer............?

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If you have too many Icons on the desktop, will the computer work slowly!?

I'm pretty sure that it won't. My dad has TONS of icons on his desktop on his computer and although it runs slow, I'm pretty sure it's because it only has 512mb of RAM along with about 4 things alw... Read More »

Have lot of icons on desktop, how can i hide them or remove from desktop.?

If you still want them handy, but not directly on your desktop, create a new folder, call it something like 'icons' or 'shortcuts' and drop all of them into there. That's what I did.

How to Prevent Students From Deleting Desktop Icons in a Computer Lab?

There are many reasons to "lock" computers where students have access. Irresponsible downloading, viruses, unwanted software installation and other reasons can all create a nightmare for the lab mo... Read More »

Does adding more desktop icons slow down your computer on start-up?

Desktop icons do not slow down your computer. Items added to your system tray, or to the startup group in your start menu under programs, slow down your computer. Any program you install that ru... Read More »