Why have you picked your particular yahoo nickname?

Answer because I'm an idiot from London I didn't want to put nice guy from London as everyone would think I'm up my own backside

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Where Does Your Yahoo Nickname Come From?

my nickname came from fellow co-workers and nicknamed me Bubbles as I am too bubbley in the morning for most people.

Have you given your pc a nickname?

Mine doesn't really have a name, but I am it's boss and it does what I say - or there are consequences. But if I had to name it, it would probably be called Jolly Roger - all it's used for is pirac... Read More »

Whats your favourite affectionate nickname for your boss?

Vikser. Its German. It means the W word in English!We have lots of German students in our office and we all know what it means but he doesn't. We call it him to his face!Sometimes I call him Dav... Read More »

I have Windows XP and seem to have picked up a virus. When I type in 'system restore'...?

scroll over Start - go to Control Panel - click on System on there and System Restore is on the options.It should come up with a calender and pick one of the dates that is highlighted before your p... Read More »