Why home broadband when wifi is so available.?

Answer Broadband is faster, and in some cases cheaper than using mobile internet. But if you are only going to be using nothing else other than mobile devices (tablets & smartphones), then you won't requi... Read More »

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BT is a disgrace..When you buy broadband you get through in 5 mins. When you want to cancel your broadband....?

Part of several customer service roles is to arrange sales of different products. The whole premise is now [Expletive Deleted]. We should storm the corporations and burn their customer relations de... Read More »

Is it free to surf the internet on your ipod when connected to your home wifi?

if you are using your own home network then it won't cost you anything...The only limit you have is the limit you have on your Internet ..If you have unlimited internet then you can use you ipod as... Read More »

I'm thinking of having a landline and broadband in my new home,but should I go for BT Broadband with their?

If Both companies have Cable to Home infrastructure then either will provide Fast ADSL services(Depends what services you want,will be the factor in deciding)

What are peoples experiance with ee internet broadband just the normal home broadband?