Why home broadband when wifi is so available.?

Answer Broadband is faster, and in some cases cheaper than using mobile internet. But if you are only going to be using nothing else other than mobile devices (tablets & smartphones), then you won't requi... Read More »

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Very odd wifi problem: laptop does not gain internet access on home wifi, but other devices does?

I can't say exactly what your issue is, but here's some ideas to narrow down the problem. Open up command prompt and type ipconfig, and then check what ip you have. If it doesn't show a default gat... Read More »

What are peoples experiance with ee internet broadband just the normal home broadband?

Can i get Wifi connection without broadband?

Yes you can connect to someone else's wi-fiGo to start,my computer, connect and see all wi-fis in your local, if it doesnt have secrity on it you can click onto it.

What is the best home broadband or mobile broadband offer?

Try adsl and the speed get 8mp its damn fast no stucks no problems as well. or you can just you's other peoples internet. good luck!!!