Why i cannot get on facebook?

Answer Ask one of your friends who's friends with you on facebook if your account has been deleted, or if you're still there. It's possible it's been hacked.

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I cannot change any of my details on facebook?

Can you briefly describe, which details are you trying to edit and from how many days you are facing this problem??

How do i put a public message out on facebook that friends cannot see?

Cannot post on facebook, when i comment it says "try again"?

lots of people are having the same problem - try reading some of the other questions about the exact same thing

How do i change my facebook settings so that even my friends cannot see my 'friend list'?

Go to your profile, click on the top right of the friend's list box u see on ur profile that is to ur left. Then, Edit, customize, then choose only me, and only u can view ur friend's list