Why is Facebook being really slow today?

Answer overloadedsame thing happened yesterday.

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Is it just me or is the UK Y!A slow today..?

I wouldn't know about UK Y!A. But come and join us on US Y!A where everyone is happy and busy launching predator drones. Besides we have a place called Sugarcandy Mountain. (I know that was lame...... Read More »

PC on a go slow today?

Is it your PC or your Internet Connection.Try switching off (or removing the power cable) you router/modem for 30 secs and then turn it back on again. This forces it to remake its connections (take... Read More »

Are you going to slow down in your car today or will you risk others to get to your destination?

It's a good question.It is important for many other factors to be considered (design and maintenance of the road and vehicle among others) to try to minimise the risk of an accident actually happen... Read More »

Why is my broadband downloading so slow today ?

try restting your modem (and router if you have one)unplug the power to it for 30 seconds or so, then plug it back in... the router after the modem...even restarting your computer while they're sta... Read More »