Why is Linux sometimes very slow?

Answer If this is an intermittent issue (given you said "sometimes", guessing it is), you need to diagnose what is happening on your system. Do you have something incorrectly configured or a rogue applic... Read More »

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Why are some Linux users saying easy to use Linux is not proper Linux?

As they are elitist snobs.They say that only difficult OS's are real Linux and sneer at distros like Ubuntu which are easy. They seem to think that they are the true keepers of the bright flame of ... Read More »

Should I download Mint Linux or Zorin Linux?

The easy way would be to try both by using the live cd, that way you can try without loading them on to the hard disc, after a while you can decide which one you prefer then simply install, to do t... Read More »

Linux mint is there a msn thingy for linux that is better than pidgin?

Here is the Official Ubuntu aMSN Documentation (also applies to Linux Mint) Messenger Homepage Mint 7 User Guide Read More »

In English, is it 'slow up' or 'slow down' 'Slow up' makes no sense to me..?

In UK English it's always 'slow down', but I've heard many people from the USA say 'slow up'. I think it's just one of those small differences that make the two forms of English run in parallel but... Read More »