Why is TP-LINK tl-wpa281 wifi extender so slow?

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Wifi slow on laptop after installing TP LINK internet booster?

If you have too strong of a signal it is just as bad as being too far away. Make sure your wifi router and any booster equipment are at least 15-25 feet from each other. Make sure anything you ar... Read More »

How to Make a WiFi Extender?

WiFi, which is short for "wireless fidelity," refers to the radio frequencies that provide wireless Internet access for a computer. A problem that often occurs when using a WiFi router is that the ... Read More »

How Do I Secure My WiFi With D-Link?

Your D-Link router transforms the wired connection from the Internet Service Provider, or ISP, into a wireless signal, so you can access the Internet from anywhere in your house. However, keeping y... Read More »

Why is my PS Vita's wifi being so slow?

It depend on how many things you are using on your wifi like your using your computer phones ps3 that tends to slow it downTry restarting the wifi its probably playing up