Why is Virgin Media so very slow ?

Answer Hi Adam, if the other users in your house are having no problems then I would think the problem is local to either the usb dongle or the router.The first thing I would do is download and run inSSID... Read More »

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Virgin Media Broadband Fast during Day but super slow during evening!?

virgin are rubbish, always breaking down and waiting forever for a engineer. when they do turn up they are wearing a stetson, boots, spurs and a lasso

Virgin Media?

If that is the only package that they provide, its up to them, you can hardly insist they tailor their products to suit you. If you just want a telephone go to BT and not an internet service provid... Read More »

Help with Virgin Media WI-FI?

Virgin Media Super Hubs have a bug according to Virgin Support themselves.It looses it's settings often on the Wi-FiI turned mine into Modem by switching it to modem mode and am using a D-Link rout... Read More »

Virgin media rip off?

Well if your paying £18 for BB, TV and phone you must be on the basic service.By all means go to Sky if you want to. However take in to considerationThe cost of installing a BT line is about £123... Read More »