Why is bebo so slow ?

Answer me too :(its annoyyin !!! xx

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Why Is Bebo Running So Slow !?

the bebo ppl r probably tryin to fix something, and by doing that they mess up everything else. it happens sometimes. its frustrating.

Why does my computer run slow every time my kids use MSN Messenger and BEBO sites?

Your computer has not got a virus and this problem is quite normal.First of all there is not a virus slowing down your computer when you use Bebo and messenger, although I would recommend weekly vi... Read More »

In English, is it 'slow up' or 'slow down' 'Slow up' makes no sense to me..?

In UK English it's always 'slow down', but I've heard many people from the USA say 'slow up'. I think it's just one of those small differences that make the two forms of English run in parallel but... Read More »

My laptop is running really slow i have run a defrag disc cleaner spy wear and anti virus but it is still slow?

You should have an anti-spyware solution on your computer. I recommend that you go to and get AD-AWARE and SpyBot Search & Destory. Install, run, update and scan your comput... Read More »