Why is clock speed not good measure of system performance ?

Answer A CPU is just one part of the system. For most common tasks a Pentium 4 2GHZ cpu can manage with 10% of its processing power and the chart will show just 10%.Most activities don't need much of CPU ... Read More »

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Do gatso speed cameras clock your speed when travelling against them?

No. GATSOs can't read your speed accurately when you are travelling towards them. TRUVELOs (sp) can read your speed. You will not get a ticket.The cameras can flash when you are travelling towar... Read More »

Can Speed Cameras on roads work if there are no lines in the road to measure the speed of the vehicle?

yes, because the lines in the road are only used for a secondary check (if needed) to verify your speed... or if the speed camera flashed at two cars going past (on a motorway or dual carriageway) ... Read More »

CPU clock speed below default?

First, the fix,Your motherboard:…The CPU:…Clock speed should be based on the voltage getting to it. Odds of a def... Read More »

How to Speed Up Your Pendulum Clock?

Speeding up your pendulum clock requires adjustments to the pendulum. The method of adjustment varies depending upon the type of clock you need to adjust. Most pendulum clocks are accurate time kee... Read More »