Why is facebook doing this 10 points best answer?

Answer Go on to ur FB *use a computer* & look in account sessions>>security.....see active sessions

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Are you a fan of facebook Best answer 10 points!!!!?

I'm 15 and I have had a Facebook sense I was about 13.I went through a huge faze where I was on Facebook for 6-7 hours a day, always on Farmville, talking to friends, and commenting on status' none... Read More »

Facebook question 10 points for best answer?

The only thing they can do is contact Facebook themselvesand explain what is going on.Only Facebook will be able to remove it.

How do i complain to facebook without logging in (best answer gets 10 points)?

you can make a new account or conntact them via email

Question about Facebook pages (10 points for best answer)?

Nope. Especially if you already set your profile, so that only your friends can see.