Why is facebook such a trouble maker?

Answer Welcome to the age of social networking, real life friends are soooo 1995.all joking aside, just delete and forget.

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Am I seen as a trouble maker?

Different circumstances require different responses.Would I have complained about someone taking something from my drawer? Perhaps.Would I have told the person who mistakenly sent the email to me, ... Read More »


sounds like a couple of problems, nothing serious but annoying all the same.first off you say you have installed Win 7, make sure its got all the latest graphics driver updates etcto sort out your... Read More »

Windows Live Movie Maker trouble?

Convert the video first to a format that WMM accepts. Use this free converter: to WMV.

Facebook and ask fm boy trouble!!?

just send him a message that says,"heey." thats all.. he sould say,"heey" back to you and then if he does, you should say something like,"whatsup?" or,"wyd" (what you doing)' and he will say what h... Read More »