Why is hotmail wishing me happy birthday?

Answer I logged in to Hotmail and I have the same message, and my birthday is not until June.I checked my account and it is set for June so this is odd. It seems you arent the only person experiencing th... Read More »

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Facebook is wishing all of my contacts 'Happy Birthday' without me saying so. Some kind of scam?

Sounds Like you are Using Some Kind of Birthday App There are Birthday Apps That Do That Go to Privacy Settings Go to your Apps Page and Revoke any Birthday Apps And it Should Stop Doing That

How do You Say Happy Birthday in Irish?

There are many worlds for wishing Happy Birth to some in Irish language, like La-breithe mhaith agat,Co` latha breith sona dhut and Breithla Shona Dhuit.

How do I Say Happy Birthday in Swedish?

Happy birthday in Swedish is 'ha den ?_ran'. Please try to use the correct pronunciation.

How do I Say Happy Birthday in Romanian?

If you want to wish someone happy birthday using Romanian, you can do it using the following phrase; 'La mul_i ani'