Why is it that today most of the websites I visit seem to have broken links?

Answer Usually happens with poor connections. If it's happening on multiple websites especially.

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Which websites do you visit the most?

What are the classified websites that I can visit to find a apartment in London?…, also, but do not part with any money, without viewing the property, as there are scammers using this site!

How long before we have to pay to visit different websites.?

Better not,we pay enough for internet as it is.

In regards to your discussion of superheating water in a microwave oven, I've found that it occurs most often when (1) I reheat water that has been heated before and (2) I heat water that has sat in the cup overnight. Why does that seem to reduce the?

Both processes allow dissolved gases to escape from the water so that they can't serve as seed bubbles for boiling. When you heat water and then let it cool, the gases that came out of solution as ... Read More »