Why is my Ethernet data rate so slow?

Answer Most broadband routers still use 10/100 Mbit ethernet ports.That's fine for accessing the internet, but when sharing data between machines via the router, it's a serious bottleneck. With an etherne... Read More »

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Ethernet data frame-format?

That's just the way they made the 802.3 standard back in 1980.Something to note: in IPv4, (IP packet header) the source address comes first.

What Is Data Rate?

Data rate is a technical term that describes how quickly information can be exchanged between electronic devices. In many cases, this term is used to describe Internet connection speeds and how qu... Read More »

How to Calculate Data Transfer Rate?

A rate is a ratio between two types of measurements. Data transfer rate is the speed at which something can be transferred---for example, a video being downloaded from a website to your computer or... Read More »

Home Remedy to Slow Heart Rate?

A fast heart rate is commonly called heart palpitation. This gives the feeling of your heart pounding or racing in your chest at a high or irregular speed. A normal heart beats at a rate of 60 to 1... Read More »