Why is my Internet not working?

Answer If the motel does not have wifi you cannot use the internet on the PC. You can only use it on your phone because you're paying for broadband to use the internet. It only works on your phone I'm afr... Read More »

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I got internet a few months ago and it was working fine my vision of window is legal it was working fine ?

no worries, you need to do all your windows updates and it will do a Genuine windows check (or whatever the h*ll they call it). Anyway if your copy is legit this should take care of it, and if it d... Read More »

My Internet is not working?

Try connecting an eathernet cable from router to device

Internet explorer not working...?

Yes, you will find many problems. The main one is that, as Internet Explorer is an integral part of the Windows operating system, removing it would cause system instability. And it cannot be remove... Read More »

Internet has stopped working?

The easiest and best way is to start using Firefox 3. It's much more flexible than IE, it's safer, faster and a generally better browser. This sounds as good a time as any to upgrade!www.getfirefox... Read More »