Why is my Internet so slow?

Answer Details Please. What is your Internet connection (DSL/Cable/Dial-up)?What speed are you paying for? What speed are you getting?

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Internet speed- stupid question, but does the internet slow down much if someone is downloading a large file?

If you are in towns and cities and have fibre optics then it shouldn't change, but if me in rural UK overhead wires and no other choices then yes it does slow if someone else is downloading large ... Read More »

Why is my internet going so slow?

Hello Josh,Have you got a monthly cap on the amount you can download? If so have you gone over that limit?If you have then your provider may have slowed down your speeds at their end. If they have ... Read More »

Need help with slow internet?

Any ADSL broadband is *up to 10 Mb/s [or whatever your paying for] because any provider including BT themselves cannot guarantee any speed at anytime.There are too many variables to take into consi... Read More »

Why is my bt internet slow?

You should change the channel on your router settings.Google how to get to your router settings.Then when you are on there it's the first section> Channel selection> Then change it, best ones are 1... Read More »