Why is my MacBook telling me there is no space on my disk when there is 209GB left?

Answer First check the system restore option. Many of these are set at 15% of the Hard Drive. That's a alot of space. Second clean out all out temp files and history files. After a while these build up an... Read More »

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My internal hard disk has only 40 mega bite left but loosing space every day .how can make free disk space?

How do i find out how much disk space i have on my macbook air?

Open a Finder window (click the smiling face at left end of Dock).At the left sidebar, select "Macintosh HD"Press command and I keys (or go to top menu bar, File > Get Info).

My pc is running video slowly, is it bandwidth just got 1gb of memory but thats not done the trick, i dont have a lot of space left on my hard drive 1% so freeing up some space will that work?

If you really have only 1% left, I'm surprised the machine works at all. Windows creates lots of temporary files while it is working so often needs a fair amount of disk space. I would try to have ... Read More »

My pc keeps telling me im running out of disc space?

Go to "My Computer" and into the Harddrive that is low. You are going to have to delete programs or other files to make room. Another way is to find Disk Cleanup in the Start Menu > Programs > Acce... Read More »