Why is my broadband downloading so slow today ?

Answer try restting your modem (and router if you have one)unplug the power to it for 30 seconds or so, then plug it back in... the router after the modem...even restarting your computer while they're sta... Read More »

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How can i fix slow uploading and downloading speed on bt broadband?

The first answerer is correct. Being a BT broadband customer myself, I know what it is about. Starting around 7PM approx., BT will deliberately limit their customers internet speed to make sure all... Read More »

New laptop.. will downloading MSN slow it down?

MSN doesn't take up much room at all actually, its when you get downloading every little chat log and scripts and little bonuses for it like SweetIM where it gets a little annoying.

BBC iPlayer- very slow when downloading?

Please repost this question to the "Other - Internet" category".

Which broadband is faster at downloading stuff from internet (BT Home Hub or Sky)?

Sky uses BT network. So there can be no difference in performance. It is customer service that will differentiate the two. BT helpdesks have free telephone numbers. do not know about Sky. But the b... Read More »