Why is my facebook saying 'This account is already confirmed'?

Answer Try clearing your browsers cookies/cache/temporary internet filesThen try resetting your password information again.If you're still unable to access your account, click the link below to file a rep... Read More »

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Has my facebook account already put my chance of getting a job in jeopardy Or would I know already?

Just think, is anything i've posted on public or do you know anybody who works for the company? if it's no then you're safe. Only if you are really silly like posting pictures/comments on public or... Read More »

Facebook question. deactivated my account but they emailed saying 'can sign in anytime?

Your account can never be fully deleted. It can only be disabled. Don't worry, everything from your account will not appear to anybody anymore after you deactivate. If you reactivate, it would be t... Read More »

Im trying to make a psn account but its saying that this service is currently undergoing maintenance?

it means that the actual playstation network is down at the moment because they are either upgrading or making changes to server etc usually take around 48 hours so give them a little time and try ... Read More »

Each time I log into my hotmail email account a message appears saying operation aborted..why is this happenin?

What people are talking about here is actually wrong.Hotmail might come from Microsoft, but it is nothing to do with Windows (sometimes Microsoft try to fix it so that it's harder to use if you don... Read More »