Why is my internet randomly so slow?

Answer If you press the reset button on a router it clears all the entriesincluding your own ISP settings.Actually I'm surprised after you doing that you could even get the internet in the first place.Sor... Read More »

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Why does Google Chrome randomly slow down?

Have you even tried to look at the options/setting menu within Google Chrome? (Simuilar to Manage add-ons under Tools in IE.) If you do, you are one click away from a settings screen for extensio... Read More »

Why do I randomly lose my internet connection?

Well it could be your computer, it may be disconnecting from a virus. Try using a virus scanner to fix that. I recommend Antivirus spyware.It could also be that your router is being DDOS the only w... Read More »

I have a Wireless router, why does the internet connection randomly leave?

it might be a firewall on the router, check out it gives good info on this stuff and how to fix it.

Internet speed- stupid question, but does the internet slow down much if someone is downloading a large file?

If you are in towns and cities and have fibre optics then it shouldn't change, but if me in rural UK overhead wires and no other choices then yes it does slow if someone else is downloading large ... Read More »