Why is my internet so weird?

Answer Your computer is trying to help you stop watching porn.Pc: HUMAN WHAT R U DOIN???You: Watching porn? (−_−;)Pc: HUMAN STAHP!!! (auto shuts down) You: ~(・・?))Now seriously, I t... Read More »

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What is causing my internet to be acting really weird lately?

Same for me!! I have BT and I just changed the filters or reset them and the internet stop going slow but the videos and pictures take ages nd on BBC I Player, I just don't know how to sort it!

Its weird but, i don't know if im set up on pay-pal?

Make sure that your card is confirmed. Paypal places a charge on your card of 2 amounts. To confirm it you must verify the amount on the Paypal website. Call paypal if you don't know what I mean..

Do you think she is "weird" looking?

No, she looks like a perfectly normal, unique girl.She's pretty I might add.

Am I weird to look at?

It's not the best picture.You seem to be widening your eyes? There very hypnotic.You look pretty, but pictures aren't very well to go on, chances are you're even more pretty in reality.But all in a... Read More »