Why is my internet suddenly running so slow?

Answer You could always try a System restore which may fix! so many possibilities thats causing PC to slow down and soo many oppertunities to find out why! if its your browser try using another one! this ... Read More »

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My laptop suddenly went slow and won't connect to Internet?

Turn off you internet/ then turn it back on again then re boot your computer.

Internet running to slow?

You should be close to the internet for a faster connection. And it gets slower the more devices connect to it, tried to help.

Is anybody else's Broadband BT Internet running very slow lately?

I`m on BT broadband and it seems ok for me....

Why is my computer and mainly my internet running so slow if at all?

The answers to a few questions will help us help you : )- How long have you had your computer?- Has this issue just started or has it been ongoing?- What internet browser are you using?- What anti-... Read More »