Why is my laptop computer take about 15min to start up?

Answer Your computer is probably loaded with adware/spyware and a ton of unnecessary programs loading at startup. Here are some simple steps to fix this problem:1. In Windows, click START, RUN and type MS... Read More »

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I have got Kaspersky Internet security in my laptop but when i try to start my computer, it ask me to install?

Call kaspersky... They have a very good customer service department and if you speak to them they can talk you through any problem. They even took four days of someones time helping me install the ... Read More »

Computer how do i change my computer start from cd dvd when turning on as i cant install new OS from starting?

You have to enter the BIOS. You should see the instruction briefly on the screen when you turn on. It will tell you which key to press. You have to press or tap the key immediately to get in then f... Read More »

What is the difference between a laptop computer and a notebook computer?

Nothing just different terminology for the same thing.

When and how did the internet start, did tghe internet and computer start at the same time?

Like most technology, it started out as an idea with military applications.While computers were not a new concept in the 1950s, there were relatively few computers in existence and the field of com... Read More »