Why is my laptop computer take about 15min to start up?

Answer Your computer is probably loaded with adware/spyware and a ton of unnecessary programs loading at startup. Here are some simple steps to fix this problem:1. In Windows, click START, RUN and type MS... Read More »

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Why does it take 5 minutes for my laptop to start?

probably cuz it's a little slow...........maybe cuz you have to many programs set to run as soon as you turn the computer on. right click the bar thing (like where "start " but anywhere where there... Read More »

How long does start up repair take hp laptop?

I do not think start-up repair taking that long is the norm. If you can wait for another half an hour, do so to make sure it's not in a really slow process. After that, if there are no signs of pro... Read More »

If you start a job as a trainee computer engineer,how long would it take to be qualified?

Well for the most part even to get the trainee job you will need a college degree or be working on one (my company hires many co-ops). To be completely qualified and hired as a real engineer you wi... Read More »

Why does my computer take 20 mins+ to start up and then keeps freezing?

Might need more RAM. Or your hard drive is just getting old. Have you tried disk defragmenter?