Why is my laptop running very slow?

Answer Try using a dust off air can in the fan port . If the fans full of dust and it is really hot it can cause it to run slow.

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My old toshiba laptop is running very slow (wins 2000) tried almost everything ?…

My laptop is becoming very very slow. It is virus free. What should I do?

There are MANY reasons for computer slow downs:a] not enough memoryb] too many programs starting up with windows at boot up timec] spywared] too many junk filese] too many restore pointsRoutine mai... Read More »

MY computer is running very slow.....?

Go through and delete all unwanted files and programs.Switch off System Restore while you clean up.Defragment the hard drive from Start - programs - accessories - system tools - disk defragmenter. ... Read More »

Computer is running very slow?

There may be two reasons why your PC is running slow.1. You havn't cleant up your PC for a long time.2. You have got a virus or spyware on your PC.You may search for answer... Read More »