Why is myspace so addictive?

Answer don't know, maybe cos you're a GEEK. yes, its me again, your nemesis...

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How come msn and myspace are so addictive?

Because people are obsessed with checking their messages lol. Its a way to waste time.

Why is Facebook addictive?

Because its basically a VIRTUAL WORLD!People can do stuff that they would normally do with their mates like chat and have a little giggle over the Internet using these socaial networks. Basically n... Read More »

Is AIM or MSN messenger addictive?

If you enjoy talking to the people in your contact list then yes.

It tattooing very addictive?

It's different for different people.When people do become "addicted" to tattooing, it's usually a psychological addiction to the extra attention you get from your peers or family. In other cases, ... Read More »