Why is the age limit for facebook 13?

Answer It is crystal clear that Facebook protects individual for harassment, child exposure to sex materials,etc. Some photos on Facebook are publicly published and some of them includes nudity, very sexy... Read More »

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PLEASE HELP!!! How to limit my profile on Facebook?

How do I limit who can see my statuses on Facebook?

I've had the same concerns as yourself this past year or so and have wanted to remain annonymous to about 90% of my friendlist (I only have about 120 facebook friends). I also have become VERY tir... Read More »

Does playing games on facebook affect the download limit?

Yes it does.Everything you do on the internet from the time you log on till thetime you log off involves either an upload or a download.ALL that counts towards your monthly allowance.

Question about accepting friends on Facebook - can a friend limit how much of their profile friends see?

Yep, you can put any person (or any group of people) under certain restrictions on Facebook. I should imagine its not very nice being on the receiving end of it but I certainly have some people on ... Read More »