Why is the download speed constantly below 2.5 Mb when I am paying for 8Mb.?

Answer You're paying for up to 8 actuallyUk phone lines are crap and high dsl speeds depend on your distance from the local exchange and quality of your phone line, so above 2mb barely anyone guarantees 8... Read More »

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Why am i getting less then 2mb of download speed if i am paying for up to 6mb of download speed?

It's a mystery. I am meant to get up to 20mb per second but my max download speed ever was 1.3mb (I usually get 1.2)

What's the point in paying for faster download speed up to 20MB if servers on most sites...?

The disparity of the download and upload speeds doesn't help either - they talk of download speeds but don't mention your upload speed is 10% of that.

How can I check my internet connection speed perfectly Surfing speed as well as download speed?

You can also try the…and websitesOther tools on the net, search google for free broadband speed tests, will show more detailed in... Read More »

Is 33ms ping, 0.75mbps download speed, 0.26mbps upload speed fast?

No, that is not fast 750kb/s is not good for streaming HD videos, and upload speed is low, take a long while to upload photo's or other stuff. Try getting BT infinity or Virgin media 10mpbs.